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I created this site as a way for others who are on a journey in life to finding and fulfilling their true purpose. This site is designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage every person to be who God created them to be. If you want to write then write, if you want to sing then sing, if you want to teach children, then teach. Do what your heart desires and be content with it. JUST BE YOU!



I post blogs, podcast, and various images, videos, etc. that will lead to a person pursuing their passions. Turn your passions into a profession that you love. 


In addition, I hold conferences, teach small group or large group sessions on things that are inwardly passionate to people. My goal is to bring mental and spiritual clarity to the life of a person regardless of who they are or where they are in this world.


I respond to emails and texts messages, and even video face time calls to many people from all walks of life who need the inspiration to be motivated to finish the tasks that is for them or to find what they truly want to do in their life. 


Therefore, there is no over exaggerated complicated process to getting the help and support you need, it is all about assisting those in progressing forward in purpose. POW! The Power Of Winning is creating an environment that gives opportunities for others to succeed in life. 


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Instagram: @dr.destinyperry or @drdestinyperry 

Twitter: @drdestinyperry 

Anchor: Dr. Destiny Perry or i am living beyond abuse


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