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Dr. Destiny Perry

... Pursuing the Passions of Life: 

The Victorious, Triumphant, Overcoming, Purpose Filled Life...




I’ve loved every minute of MY journey...

NOT Really...


I hated every minute of the journey. The journey seemed so long, miserable, amazing, never ending, boring, wonderful, limited, terrifying, terrific, controlling, stagnate, and even overwhelming at times. Just think about this... the journey absolutely sucks at times, but I'm still on this journey. Go figure!


I only began to enjoy and love every minute of MY journey when I was finally able to commit to being me regardless of what other people thought. I did what was in my heart regardless of what other people had to say about it. I loved the life that God had given to me, and I wanted to grow to truly appreciate this life.


I am silly, coo coo at times, fun, loud, quiet, observing, full of wonder, not your typical go along with the crowd person. I am a free thinker, imaginative, and never want to go with traditions! 


I was created by God for a time such as this! A time for RIGHT NOW with all my unique creativity! ... and yes, I like blue hair, pickles and Cheetos Puffs, I hate wearing suits and dresses, but I love wearing high heels! I love, love, love reading and writing, a life of proactively learning everything I can (I was picked on and often called nerd and geek in school... but whose laughing now... you guessed it... ME), and I am always willing to try new things, but if I do not like it or if I do not want to do it anymore I walk away with my hands up and move on without any regrets. AND>>> I NEVER TRY TO FIT IN WITH THE CROWD!


Oh, yeah and by the way I have been physically and sexually abused, molested, raped, sexually assaulted, abandoned, and rejected. I have been embarrassed, self-conscious, had low self-esteem, felt discouraged, and a bit depressed along the journey. 


Yet, after 13 years of marriage I filed for divorce after giving marriage my everything, to free myself from anyone and anything that was going to keep me bound and stagnate (I do not know how I made it that long... It must surely be the Lord’s doing!). I am a homeschool mommy of 4 children for over 10 years. Yup that is right, I quit my career in social services and scaled back on my counseling business to homeschool my children... What was I thinking? I’m so going to ruin their lives... yeah totally for the good! (HA HA!), and I’m a grandparent! Whew! I'm a Christian counselor, a licensed minister, certified sexual assault advocate, author, business owner, prayer warrior and intercessor, community outreach evangelist, and I love teaching children the gospel in children's ministry! 


... And I cannot forget I enjoy giving away all my money to random and complete strangers at the grocery store. I am always offering to pay for someone else’s groceries or give their children some quick (oh, they are such a little cutie) cash. I’m surprised that I have  NEVER ended up broke, but always blessed with more than enough for my family!  Why do I do these things? Ah... it has to be that LOVE in my BIG HEART! I guess you really cannot beat God giving, huh?


SMH... I said all that to say...


I AM STILL STANDING! I'm STILL UNDEFEATED! ... even when I felt defeated!


... But I'm in LOVE with the LORD and HE is my EVERYTHING! HE makes me WHOLE, COMPLETE, and SATISFY my SOUL! He NEVER judges me nor looks down on me, but instead HE whispers He loves me and I found out I'm the apple of HIS EYE! He holds me in HIS HANDS and HE is always there to comfort me and I'm NEVER ALONE because He is always with me.


... This Journey is not about being perfect, but perfectly open to the love and presence of the Lord and to live a life FREE in HIM


I do not allow the difficulties I face along the journey to define me, but I define the journey despite the difficulties I may encounter along the way. I chart the course and choose to stay the path and I'm not afraid of a little resistance. Therefore, I do not seek to take the easy road, but look forward to taking the path less traveled. 


Also, yes, I will blow the whistle and stand up for what is right regardless of the consequences. I am not an evil doer and seek to always do good and be good and hate gossip and when people are unkind, unloving, and not considerate. OMG and please miss me (Do not bring around) with those who disobey and rebel against authority, who act one way in public, but have a different personality behind closed doors. We all miss the mark at times, but you do not have to be rude and shallow towards others. I'm down for living and being honorable before God (you will learn why eventually...HE is my only FATHER. I like to keep peace and be at peace please and thank you! 


I LOVE to motivate, inspire, and be there for people. I want to always encourage and use the gifts God has given me to bless others and go out of my way to assist them (only if they are drama free and ready to go after purpose, pursue their passions, and define their purpose in life...LOL). 


I know... I know... I am not perfect, but I want HIS purpose perfected in me...


until then...


I am ever changing and growing into becoming fully who God created me to be. If I do not exercise these unique characteristics given to me by God I will never be able to fully activate my gifts and witness to the millions of people the Lord brings across my path and proclaim the Name of Jesus. I have certainly learned that MY indifferences and big heart of love, but zero tolerance for foolishness draws and attracts people to me so I can point them to a Savior, Jesus The Christ who will LOVE them and SAVE their SOULS! ... 


... It is wonderful to know, HE ACCEPTS US JUST AS WE ARE when others dismiss us and tell us we are not good enough.


Once I came to this realization I no longer gave in to feeling controlled by what everyone else wanted me to do or feeling obligated to be and do everything for everyone else. Yes, I am a giver. Yes, I love beyond limits and boundaries because that is God's best for me, but I do not have to live according to man's standards, my family members, friends, the world, or those in my direct community, including religious minded people. I could LOVE to BE ME with NO LIMITS and fully fulfill my purpose and so can YOU!  




Live Your Purpose NOW


~Dr. Destiny D. Perry  




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